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Trunk show


  • What is a trunk show? It's simply when a particular designer sends us their entire newest collection for one weekend only to give YOU more options to try on. There are often incentives for purchasing at your trunk show appointment. Incentives vary from show to show. 

  • Do I have to make an appointment? Yes.

  • Am I limited to only trying on the trunk show dresses? No way! While our featured trunk show designer will be highlighted, we understand YOUR dream dress may be from a different designer and our goal is to help you find YOUR dream dress no matter the designer!

  • How much are your wedding dresses? $1,200-$4,000; most are $1,400-$1,900

  • Will the Featured Local Vendors be in store? No. If we partner with local vendors for extra incentives for you during our trunk show, the vendors will not actually be in store. We will give you their brochures/info (as well as their incentives for purchasing your dress!), but they will not physically be here to distract you while you are trying to focus on choosing your dream dress.

  • Do I have to buy my dress at my trunk show appointment to qualify for the incentives? Yes.

  • How long are appointments? 90 minutes

  • How many guests can I bring to my appointment? 4 guests + the bride

  • How long does it take for wedding dresses to come in? 4-7 months depending on the designer. Keep in mind alterations take 4-6 weeks, and if you choose to do bridal portraits before the wedding you should factor in extra time. Ordering 10-12 months out is comfortable. Rush options are available for an additional fee. We do sell off-the-rack as well (except for the trunk show dresses; those are only borrowed in for the weekend. We cannot sell those off the rack.)

  • Do I have to buy a dress from the trunk show designer to receive the incentives? Nope. If you purchase ANY wedding dress *at your trunk show appointment* you qualify for the Featured Local Vendors' incentives.

  • However, if the dress designer themselves are offering an incentive as well, then that one, added incentive will only apply if you purchase one of the trunk show designer's dresses. So no matter what you're guaranteed lots of extras just for purchasing your dress at your trunk show appointment!

  • Do you do alterations in house? No. Alterations are not included in the cost of the dress. We refer out to tailors that specialize in bridal alterations, but you are welcome to take it to whomever you wish.

If you're interested in making an appointment and/or have further questions please email us at

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